Project 33 Art Units

Art units are hand made works of art (glass murrini) created by our artist community to facilitate alternative exchange. Each artwork is painstakingly created as a single bar of glass and is cut into slices revealing the image within every slice. The images resemble coins and bear denominations to facilitate trade but the key difference is that they have been created as a gift rather than an iou.

These coins are art created by volunteers to project a culture of abundance and gift through team work and positive intention. The intrinsic worth of the materials, labor and community effort creates the value, there is no centralized backing required.

When new art units are purchased the proceeds underwrite support of artists modeling alternative, socially sustainable principles in the practice of art. In order to increase the demand for art units we are working throughout our community to create a network of businesses willing to accept them as payment. In this way, circulating art units will allow day to day transactions to directly support our community. Large scale collecting directly underwrites community activity. By operating this system to its fullest we can gain exposure and increase awareness of key issues facing our society by demonstrating the power of a system that allows many small choices to become larger actions.

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